Why Owning a Green Moving Franchise is a Best Bet

Movers, Not Shakers! franchise is revolutionizing the moving industry

With consumer awareness of environmental issues at an all-time high and people moving more than ever, Movers, Not Shakers! is a best-bet franchise opportunity.

In recent years Movers, Not Shakers!, a premier moving franchise, has been a pioneer in the green moving and storage industry, converting its entire fleet to all bio-diesel vehicles, as well as committing to using reusable bins instead of wasteful single-use cardboard and plastic.

Countless industry studies have shown Americans care about the environmental issues our society faces, and seek out companies that align with their priorities, who use best practices to reduce their footprint.

Indeed, a recent report in Forbes magazine found nearly 90% of consumers had a more positive image of a company that supported environmental issues, would be more loyal to a company that supports environmental issues, and would be more likely to buy a product with an environmental benefit given the opportunity.

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“This study and others confirm that Americans are expecting companies to be engaged in the process of making an impact when it comes to social and environmental matters,” Forbes wrote. “Americans are concerned about the future and recognize that their finances are a vehicle to influence change.”

With millions of Americans uplifting their lives and moving, especially since the pandemic, Movers, Not Shakers! has been busier than ever. We believe our commitment to being an environmentally sustainable moving and storage company has resonated with customers and is one of the reasons why they choose our services over other competitors.

What’s more, we know that millennials are one of the largest demographics moving and relocating to new parts of the country. We also know, thanks to industry research, millennials are by far one of the largest groups with a deep commitment to caring for the environmental and supporting companies that follow suit.

“The results showed that millennials are the most likely demographic to tell friends and family about CSR efforts and to give a company direct feedback,” Forbes wrote. “A company targeting the millennial customer as a component of their business model would be wise to become socially and environmentally responsible. Fostering an environmental awareness plan is an effective strategy to increase your customers’ purchasing power, gain trust, and sustain loyalty.”

Utilizing sustainable operating methods like bio-diesel fuels for our trucks and implementing reusable bins instead of one-time use cardboard and plastic, not only reduces Movers, Not Shakers! environmental footprint and waste, it also significantly cuts down on operating costs, saving you money.

That’s why, for more than 20 years, Movers, Not Shakers! has been committed and dedicated to operating in an environmentally sustainable way. Our reusable bins save hundreds of pounds of cardboard with each move, and save thousands of trees each year. Our bio-diesel trucks also significantly cut our emissions and save on fuel costs for vehicles.

“Customers are becoming better informed and more aware of the environmental impact of consumer products. Thus, they are demanding that industry improve the environmental performance of its products. Today, customers are more enlightened and informed and they are also concerned for their children when it comes to going green,” Forbes wrote.

“Customers do care about the environment, and utilizing green marketing can improve reputation and brand image, resulting in consumer loyalty and a positive impact on the bottom line.”

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